About Us

Founded in 1994 by Edward Blickstein and Robert Schaffer, our team of highly skilled partners and seasoned professionals provides cost effective consulting solutions to address clients’ supply chain and logistics challenges.  We work throughout the Americas and internationally. We have a team of 7 heavily experienced partners and 16 seasoned associates and biographies are available upon request.

Our business is based upon:

Competence - we have the experience (both line and consulting), the knowledge and the skills required to deal with today's challenges
Commitment - we always deliver, in fact over-deliver on our projects and that we believe helps to distinguish us from other consultants
Value - our size works to your advantage, providing a concentrated work effort with total transparency at a cost significantly less than the large consulting firms

Our culture is best described as:

  • Having the highest ethics, honest dealings and totally client centric
  • Approaching projects with dedication, collaboration, reliability and flexibility
  • Going the extra mile to deliver best combination of low cost/high service solutions
  • Being a third party we possess the objectivity to provide new perspectives
  • Exhibiting creativity to develop unique solutions tailored to client needs
  • Demonstrating practical solutions, for the short, intermediate and long term
  • Focusing on quick paybacks whenever feasible
  • Always available to assist or manage implementation

Here are examples of some of our services:

Network Optimization Modeling: we conduct supply chain network analysis to achieve the lowest total landed cost solution with desired consideration given to customer requirements.  We replicate the existing network, flows, costs, and then optimize for cost savings.  Further, we conduct “what if” scenario modeling to address specific network issues, contemplated changes, and future plans.  Then, we can add simulation modeling for complex operations.  Simulation modeling can include forecasting, demand variability to simulate occurrences, simulation of processes, exceptions and spikes, inventory planning processing, lead times and such.

Warehouse Optimization
: Many companies can benefit by having a short but in-depth warehouse operational assessment conducted; TSC does this work by reviewing operations end-to-end.  This encompasses plant & property suitability, opportunity for process improvements (ranges from warehousing activities, work distribution, labor productivity, to systems capabilities), to product handling, people skills, and metrics evaluation.

Outsourcing Process Management:  We help clients manage the 3PL/4PL selection process to secure best value in performance, cost, and contract terms and conditions.  We know the 3PL/4PL market well, we have pricing evaluation models built to fit most any situation, and our negotiating-contracting experience is very strong having successfully managed many projects both domestically and internationally.

We can make a difference!

Want to know more?  Call us at 888.652.9590.