New Carrier Internet Tool for Shippers Launched

Posted on September 23rd, 2014 by Ed Blickstein

New Carrier Internet Tool for Shippers Launched

Logistadvise is designed to enable shippers in North American to identify and contact what shippers may decide, after reviewing the information provided, to be their best carriers for specific lanes.

By Edward Blickstein, September 22, 2014

This month a new carrier information platform was launched enabling users to search North American carriers’ information resident on the website to help these shippers to better and easier identify carriers that they should contact for the purposes of improving service and lowering cost. Reducing costs in this tight capacity market is a challenge for most shippers, however one of the key benefits is the identification of new carriers to secure quotes from that shippers were not aware of whose network could potentially offer opportunity.

The website platform, called Logistadvise ( , was founded earlier this year by Eric Spearin and Radek Duda. Spearin, with a background in freight brokerage and logistics, and the son of a well-known Canadian logistics expert Dave Spearin, and Duda, with a background in technology and start-ups, have created a web based tool that would be easy and fast for logistics professionals in small to large companies to use.

Users start the search for their optimal carrier by entering an origin and destination, after which a list of carriers are displayed that offer service between those points. Eighteen different search filters allow the user to narrow their search to find the type of carrier they require based upon equipment, quantity and other service offerings. This short video demonstrates how easy the Logistadvise platform is to use:

“Logistadvise provides a platform for shippers and carriers to form strategic relationships,” said Spearin. “Many brokers dread using load boards. The industry is relationship-based, and most brokers cover their shipments by viewing the lane history in their network. Logistadvise does exactly that but can look for hundreds, if not thousands, of different carriers that may not be in the shipper’s or a broker’s network.”

Users can sign up online for free to claim their carrier page, or to search for a carrier directly. In order to access the location-based search, Logistadvise offers a $99 per month unlimited-search subscription plan for each user.

The company, operating in a private beta mode for three months, was being used by carriers, brokers, 3PLs and consultants in a variety of ways, ranging from sourcing carriers for an upcoming bid to discovering a new carrier to cover an ad-hoc shipment, Spearin said.

The Logistadvise team adds new carriers and analyzes their networks on a daily basis. New features, such as mass emailing load blasts to particular types of carriers in a user’s network and a fully searchable database of shippers will be rolled out in the coming months.

“We are excited to be bringing this platform to market”, concluded Spearin, “Logistadvise is a smart and simple logistics planning tool that will optimize a user’s transportation network.”

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