TSC – From Basic to Complex Distribution/Fulfillment

Posted on June 14th, 2016 by Ed Blickstein

Michael R. Blouch, Sr. Consultant-Sr. Project Manager for Distribution & Fulfillment, outlines our basic approach to an engineered distribution- fulfillment design (this will be the first in a series from Michael):

  • Facility design based on current and future needs, size/population of office and warehouse spaces interior and exterior, configure changes through effective site design.
  • Alternative material handling methods should be considered, mechanization to automation.
  • Be designed with fire protection capacity to accommodate storage of materials and content.
  • Maximize utilization of space providing aisles for personnel and material handling equipment.
  • Assess the feasibility of using higher bays, take advantage of height allowances.
  • Optimize layout and configuration for the warehouse operation, including efficient circulation and material handling and storage processes.
  • Relate interior and exterior receiving and shipping operations to the process flow of goods through the warehouse. Receiving and shipping are best separated to avoid congestion at the loading dock areas.

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