24 Years Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency

Posted on March 15th, 2018 by Ed Blickstein

When founding partners Robert “Bob” Schaffer and Edward “Ed” Blickstein started our consulting business in early 1994 we concentrated on what we understood best which was logistics and of that discipline it primarily involved ground transportation, trucks/trailers and crossdocking. This is where most of our corporate experience along with equipment leasing took place and in Ed’s case there was warehousing of consumer items in the era of clunky computers, dot matrix printers inadequate KPIs and little in the way of TMS or WMS software. Bob, with operations management leadership roles as well as corporate controller background also dealt with deep cost analysis, budget creation, ROI and management of dedicated transportation services.

Wow, how things have changed and we certainly changed with the times, got educated and experienced in supply chain design, optimizations, warehousing, outsourcing, expert systems and the like. Early on we opened the first true cross-docks in southeast Asia along with optimizing and modernizing a 500 truck fleet for a mining/concrete manufacturer as well as optimizing transportation for a global materials and automotive products manufacturer based in the US.

Now we along with our team of skilled/experienced consultants work for some of the best known manufacturers in the world as well with small and middle market companies.  Products range from consumer goods of many varied categories, to building products, machined products to chemicals in the US and in the EU.  Our consultants and engineers tackle most any supply chain challenge. Recently we developed proprietary software ©“eComm Solutions”* designed to assist clients with eCommerce supply chain strategies. Overall, we help our clients deal with the following:

  • Professional project management – making supply chain a weapon
  • Big data analysis, data engineering for the supply chain (use cloud based sequel server)
  • *eCommerce & Omni-channel order fulfillment – our analytical tool will help clients make the right strategic decision down to sku level, includes warehouse/fulfillment center location(s) selection to meet fast customer marketplace delivery expectations with order accuracy together with all of the logistics costs (all transportation modes, insourced or 3PL warehouse costs {including Capex} associated with a new or refined logistics design
  • Technology for the supply chain – systems & robotics
  • S&IOP and beyond
  • Inventory optimization and planning
  • Warehouse optimization including redesign & automation solutions
  • Transportation optimization & management
  • Outsourcing warehousing & transportation process (3PL/4PL)
  • Facility network optimization for best service-total lowest cost solution
  • Facility upgrade, within 4-walls, construction and project management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – supply chain assessments identifying opportunities for improvement & cost reduction; integration project management

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