Client solutions

  • Logistics process improvement: from customer orders to delivery - carrier selection and bidding, carrier performance metrics, measuring vendor performance in regard to proper carrier utilization on inbound, visibility to freight status, carrier compliance at sites, communications and systems support.
  • Outsourcing distribution in Europe: defined requirements, collected and organized data, considered freight costs and challenges across Europe in-country and between countries in regard to varying modes of transportation, managed RFP process, resulted in final selection and successful start-up.
  • WMS procurement for multi- sites: collaborated with in-house IT department and site operations managers and users, developed specifications, managed selection process (RFI, RFP), negotiated pricing and service aspects and assisted with finalizing the software contract.
  • Network redesign: modelled existing network of plants and DCs and all relevant costs, considered locations for customers and vendors, all IB and OB flows including all modes of shipping, inventory costs  in order to develop best scenarios for optimization solving for lowest total landed costs - with resultant scenario savings ranging from 7% to 15%.
  • Consolidation of manufacturing sites and DCs: supported management in a collaborative effort to determine best cost/service solution for consolidating operations from 4 to 1 based upon analyzing all relevant operating costs of existing sites and then by developing various future state models. Also, managed outsourcing of returns facility.
  • Fix 3PL distribution contract: assessed 3PL performance on an objective basis collaborating with the 3PL, established improvement goals, monitored progress; with another client assisted with termination negotiations and in-sourcing of large DC.
  • Warehouse operations & systems evaluation: assessed all warehouse activities,  metrics (from receiving to putaway, to picking to shipping), reviewed labor from a knowledge, productivity and training perspective, supervision strengths, order to shipping processes, systems utilization – functionality analysis and recommended improvement actions.

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