Plumbing Products Manufacturer Experienced Significant Tub Damage
Issue: Client’s distributors complained that plumbers did not have a quality tub protector to prevent damages incurred during installation of tub drains and shower faucets.
Solution: Developed and patented a line of 2 piece corrugated tub protectors for various size tubs which are purchased separately and placed in tub prior to installation.
Results:  Plumbers recommended purchasing Client tubs and tub protectors to minimize tub damages. When installation is completed, tub protector is removed and discarded.  Tub sales increased and almost 10,000 tub protectors were sold which generated an increase in sales of $ 1,200,000. For a related industry participant manufacturing faucets we developed a line of blister packages to help with merchandising to the home improvement retail stores.

Lighting Fixture Manufacturer Needed A Better Design for Big Box Retailers
Issue: Client did not have adequate packaging required to introduce a low cost line of lighting fixtures into a demanding retail market.
Solution:  Developed and implemented retail packaging for 20 lighting fixtures that included an attractive window carton and protective package in order to enhance consumer appeal.
Results: Retail package line was introduced in 3 major home improvement chains and generated over $2,500,000 in sales the first year. Conducted a Value Analysis study of Client’s total packaging system and by redesigning packaging, restructuring packing lines and upgrading packaging equipment,  we achieved a first year packaging savings of over $400 K.

Herb Farm and Packing Company Needed to Reduce Costs
Issue:  Client wanted to reduce packing costs while not downgrading quality or consumer appeal for the packaging.
Solution: This involved a multi-phased approach covering specifications review and vendor bidding.
Results: Phase 1 concerned evaluation of packaging materials and by reducing material thicknesses that were over specified we were able to provide a solution that was able to save $180,000.00 immediately.  Phase 2 involved developing alternate packaging materials for an additional $200,000.00 of savings opportunity.

Wood Stove Manufacturer Experienced Significant Product Damage
Issue:  Client’s customers complained about receiving damaged product and lack of safe stackability.
Solution:  We assessed Client’s manufacturing/packing line, handling and put to stock, outbound handling and packaging specifications in order to develop recommendations. We also observed product packaging and handling in other storage locations.  Some of our key observations were “not capturing the pallet when stretch wrapping the load and not banding the product to the pallet.
Results:  Recommendations – replace existing pallets with better quality pallets as pallet damage was observed throughout the warehouse.  While each stove was both banded and stretch wrapped the pallet needed to be banded and wrapped as well.  Further improved packaging specifications of thick wrapped corrugate “L” bracing & “Edgeboard” should be used. 

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