North American Paint Manufacturer
Issue: Client desired expert assistance with warehouse management systems selection for multi-site DC network.
Solution:  Project management provided for software provider identification based upon client requirements administered by managing an RFP proposal process followed by an evaluation process all conducted collaboratively with client team and their IT group.
Results: Systems functionality and support services of software vendors defined and validated.  Cost and service comparisons were made, defined client responsibilities during and after implementation and provided review of license agreements.  Client made vendor decision and successful implementation made at first site followed by rollout to other sites according to a timeline.

Global Plumbing Products Manufacturer
Issue: Project concerned ERP vs. Expert Warehouse Management System, what is the best software solution based upon meeting specifications and cost?
Solution: Define DC requirements, study functionality of the installed ERP WMS module present in one DC, and compare existing WMS to expert systems in terms of functionality specifications, total cost and implementation timeline.
Results: It was determined that the best solution was to upgrade functionality of the existing ERP WMS module to meet the newly defined requirements and use this configuration for all of the company’s DCs.

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