Jumpstart Project Examples

Perform Visioning Workshop - to define supply chain strategies

3 to 5 day session with key logistics, sales, and operations leaders including 1 full day of team brainstorming

Understand how others have profited from initiatives, such as:

  1. Logistics based processes & pricing
  2. Shared networks & co-loading
  3. Continuous replenishment
  4. Postponement
  5. Timed replenishment
  6. Sales, Operations & Inventory Planning
  7. Plant direct to customer
  8. Merge in transit
  9. Six Sigma Lean supply chain
  10. Footprint optimization & network design
  11. Lean manufacturing

Team leaders work to:
  • Finalize supply chain service expectations
  • Create full list of ideas for improvements
  • Generate alternative strategies
  • Estimate potential economic outcomes
  • Develop how to go forward

This helps to get everyone on same page.

Distribution Center Assessment – to map
plan for improvements

7-10 day on-site work at your warehouse collaborating with your team to develop the way forward

Define management perceptions and issues, such as:

  1. Cost too high, not meeting metrics
  2. Out of stocks
  3. Poor shipping performance
  4. Productivity poor
  5. System not performing
  6. Space issue

Project process:
  • Perform on-site operational assessment
  • Experienced engineering consultants utilized
    • Conduct interviews of warehouse team
    • Review master plan, building layout, storage strategy, slotting
    • Observe operations, review metrics
    • Assess all activities and processes
    • Systems functionality and utilization
    • Assess mechanization and/or automation
    • Equipment suitability and utilization
    • Write Report with findings and recommendations
Conduct management review of Report.

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