• Conducting Strategic Assessment - high level examination of your supply chain to identify potential opportunities, a jumping off point.
  • Supply Chain Network Optimization - utilizing powerful software we analyze fixed/variable costs and flows to reduce complexity and lower costs.
  • Logistics Optimization - analyze transportation flows and optimize that logistics activity and modes improving efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Lean Supply Chain and Six Sigma - process improvement for manufacturing, distribution, and retail with focus on inventory turns and effective fulfillment.
  • Warehouse Operations Optimization – evaluate all warehouse processes, metrics and systems for meaningful improvements.
  • Packaging Improvements – assess for design and materials improvement, design for lower cost, solve damage issues, and improve handling.
  • Inventory Optimization - determine right levels of safety stock and flow of cycle stock to fulfill customer orders on time and at lowest cost.
  • Trade Compliance - compliance assessment, classification audit, analyze for duty recovery,duty drawback, examine NAFTA options, Bonded Warehouses and CT-PAT advantages.
  • Systems Consulting – needs assessment, enterprise vs. expert WSM and TMS, selection process RFI, RFQ, integration issues, and implementation assistance.
  • Green & Sustainable Supply Chain – by employing network optimization we can help companies design an efficient and low-carbon supply chain.
  • Outsourcing Management - management of outsourcing, data analysis, RFP development, 3-4PL bid list selection, bid analysis, to contracting.
  • Capital Equipment & Maintenance - identify how to plug profit leaks, from acquisition to maintenance and warranty, to asset utilization.
TSC focuses on your supply chain and how best to optimize across your entire network.  We team up with you so you can run a smarter, more agile, and more responsive supply chain.  We work on all of the elements of the supply chain ... from procurement, production, and distribution to the final destination of your orders and on all of the in-between processes and activities. 

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