Capital Equipment

Specifications – Acquisition – Maintenance – Utilization - Outsourcing

Whatever the equipment types we provide a complete approach to determining capital equipment needs and we go further by helping you find the right solutions to plugging profit leaks.  We have no ownership connections to equipment manufacturers or to leasing and/or maintenance companies and receive zero compensation from them.  We are totally objective and non-biased.

We can bring value in these areas:
  • Specifications development and pricing through bidding including installation, e.g. racking to automation
  • Development of in-house maintenance programs for trucks and trailers, MHE, yard equipment
  • Selection process for fleet outsourcing for maintenance services and leasing with full service maintenance
  • Assessments for locating & fixing profit leaks
  • Identifying true costs & profit leaks (unit costing)
  • Maintenance cost analysis, fleet replacement programming
  • Utilization studies – asset optimization, worker productivity improvements
  • Warranty and policy adjustments
  • Funding equipment acquisition (warehouse & transportation assets) – treasury assistance, lease vs. buy analysis
For example, companies often find MHE operations to be a black hole with difficult to control maintenance costs and utilization.  We conduct assessments to identify how to plug profit leaks, from acquisition and replacement, to maintenance and warranty, to asset utilization/productivity.

No matter what the equipment, if you have substantial investment in equipment we can bring the right solutions to help reduce your costs and enhance worker productivity.

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