Lean Supply Chain

Operating the Most Efficient Total Network Model

With the adoption of lean manufacturing by many companies and global sourcing extending supply chain risk manufacturers are working on making their supply chains more agile and responsive to reduce overall cycle times.  Efficient total network models should begin with sourcing and production to inventorying and distribution to customers and everything in-between in order to further your competitive advantage.

James Womack and Daniel Jones in Lean Thinking suggested a 5 step process, paraphrased below:
  1. Define what your customers’ expectations are and the value that you add.
  2. Map the value stream of the network, diagram all of the steps.
  3. Make supply chain processes flow without roadblocks.
  4. Use a pull system from the customer, make products the customer wants.
  5. Pursue perfection; root out waste on a continuous basis.
In addition, consistent use of metrics is needed to drive continuous improvement which help sell more products, reduce resource levels and lower costs.  Here are the ways we can help you develop leaner operations:
  • Streamline your supply chain network, design to manage volatility.
  • Optimize inventory management from planning to execution.
  • Eliminate wasteful processes in the warehouse, minimize touches.
  • Maximize use of your WMS and TMS functionality.
  • Optimize transportation methods, modal use and activities.
  • Develop improved logistics planning for inbound, inter-facility and outbound.
  • Make sure you are using the right performance metrics or KPIs.

To maximize results we focus on network and inventory optimization by using powerful software tools; we can help you achieve lower inventory, maintain the right stock levels, get higher inventory turns and show you how to choose the right transportation modes and warehousing strategies throughout your network.

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