Global Plumbing Products Manufacturer

Issue:  In Canada client operated from three separate distribution sites, one was outsourced; another managed by the client and the third was associated with a manufacturing plant.  Client wanted to reduce cost and improve customer service (order to delivery cycle) by consolidating operations into a single site 425,000 sq. ft. building situated in the best geographical location to serve its customers.

Solution: TSC worked with client to assemble all of the historical and forecast data and information required to create a detailed RFP.  After extensive review of qualifications and successes a bid list of 3PLs was put together. The consulting and client teams also undertook the task of developing the new facility sizing including internal and external facility specifications.

Results:  TSC managed the entire outsourcing project from beginning to final pricing and contract negotiations.  This project was concluded satisfactorily, implementation was accomplished meeting expectations under difficulty of transfers of product from three sites along with receiving of new inbound shipments.  Bottom line client expects to save $2.0M annually.

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