Packaging Solutions

We offer clients a diversified range of packaging expertise from conceptual design of structural packaging to bid pricing management to vendor selection to implementation under a project management approach.  Our approach to meeting your needs is based upon flexibility, independence from packaging suppliers and economy.

We meld the right technical skills with a lot of practical experience to deliver packaging solutions that work … even exceed expectations.

Services Provided
  • New package development project management from prototypes to cost analysis to testing to implementation
  • Competitive analysis based upon complete design, voice of the customer and cost analysis
  • Shelf-life improvement whether the packaging must protect to required shelf life or withstand stacking damage that impedes efficient space utilization in the client as well as the customer DCs
  • Cost reduction through improved material selection, design improvement and vendor renegotiation or vendor change
  • Distribution damage assessment at client and customer DCs with recommendations and solutions
  • Shipping improvements, both in effectiveness and cost from cube utilization, pallets and stack height
  • Assessments leading to solutions for lowering the environmental impact of packaging materials
  • Regulatory compliance to make sure the packaging meets applicable regulations

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