Software Selection & Procurement

The two major components of traditional expert supply chain execution (“SCE”) software programs are warehouse management systems (‘WMS”) and transportation management systems (“TMS”) and there are also enterprise system (“ERP”) modules that compete with the SCE software providers.  We assess both best-of-breed SCE applications and comparable ERP modules evaluating their functionality, integration capabilities, flexibility and cost.  We can assist in the implementation process in collaboration with your available resources.

Which approach and what vendor is best for your company?

Here is a typical project involving WMS selection that TSC managed.

Process StepDefinition
Functional designAlign system capability with material handling and operations design and business level information systems
Specification developmentDevelop RFP covering critical functional issues with detailed descriptions for thorough understanding by all project participants
Vendor evaluation and selectionProvide RFP, clarify requirements questions, review vendor responses, apply appropriate selection criteria, conduct demos, site visits, negotiate pricing and services
Detailed design, configurationsVerify modifications to system, identify any configuration parameters and test as needed
Implementation and trainingPerform on-site testing, extent of vendor training will vary and subject to added cost if more required

We can help you with your software project and bring added expertise that will not only save you money but pave the way for a successful implementation.

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