Warehouse Optimization

Our experience tells us there is always room for improvement and that there are 6 basic keys to operational success:

Operational Improvement: use appropriate material handling techniques, simplify, reduce wasteful process steps
Develop Engineered Labour Standards: use of targeted standards invariably improves productivity
Effective Management: well-trained supervision, effective load management (order release), appropriate support tools to understand operational metrics
Establish the right metrics: create appropriate key performance indicators that will measure the most meaningful cost and service drivers of your business
Get the most out of your WMS: optimize functionality to increase productivity and inventory accuracy
Reward Performance: consider incentives for hourly workers for exceeding performance standards, requires historical performance and management of the details

Every warehouse has some issues and generally these are around
Physical utilization:

Dock/door utilization – turning the product effectively

Layout issues – using the right materials handling techniques to match your product attributes

Picking locations – effective slotting and on-going maintenance 

Product flow – properly organizing your processes

Space utilization – matching product attributes to storage options

Operations – optimize the following

Advanced Shipping Notices and receiving

Crossdocking, if applicable


Picking & shipping

Slotting & re-slotting

Minimize touches

Use of ADC technology and WMS functionality

Labor management and productivity

Use of metrics by management and workforce

How does your DC measure up? We can help you elevate warehouse performance to the right level!

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