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Our Core Principles


We have the people, the experience (both line and consulting), the expert knowledge and the skills required to deal with today's challenges and collaboratively provide superior solutions.


We are dedicated to deliver 100% and strive to exceed expectations on all of our projects.  Whatever your objectives … you will always find us totally responsive, flexible and creative.


Our size works to your advantage, providing a concentrated work effort with team consistency and transparency at a reasonable cost.  We always use analytics first, are committed to always work with clients to deliver on-time.


During a Crisis, Is this the Time to Examine Supply Chains?

TSC believes this is the case because Covid-19 and resulting economic ramifications likely mean that many companies are or will be experiencing breaking supply chains.  Reaction should entail refocusing on profitable growth based on scenario building predictive analytics.  Other key initiatives might be sourcing closer to home, re-visiting omni-channel and distribution strategies to increasing digitizing and embracing automation on a greater scale.


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Real value

Project Examples


Conducted Predictive Modeling of existing client network of plants and DCs, customer & vendor locations, factored in growth, customer service level commitments, included all IB & OB flows, total landed costs, inventory costs, to develop best distribution scenarios for DTC and B2B optimization with savings ranging from 7% to 15% depending on scenario. TSC Project Managed outsourcing with warehouse 3PLs for distribution support for new client direction.



Client’s procurement & manufacturing needed to bring its retail products to market faster in sync with demand and forecasts including new markets. We examined client processes and systems for end to end visibility, their demand planning and worked collaboratively to enhance forecasting and then inventory optimization to improve overall fulfillment – on-time, complete and accurate.  Project migrated to distribution network optimization and warehouse(s) selection.

Execution Improvements

Client desired a warehouse operations and WMS systems assessment, identification of potential engineering improvements and automation value assessment, thus we submitted our Report and then developed a project plan based upon client goals (DTC with certain brands moving to Ecommerce along with existing B2B).  Project to include making major customer service improvements. TSC project managed the effort and worked closely with Marketing on service and the CFO on budgets, ROI and financial plan to be integrated with implementation planning.


Competitive Supercharging

Strategic assessment required; client needed a better overall strategy for meeting and beating competitive order fulfillment and service levels in accordance with upgraded metrics … considering the company’s high growth expectations we were asked to do the analytics needed to develop a supporting distribution network and transportation capability with customer delivery optimized for this DTC/Ecommerce and B2B business.  Predictive analytics were performed on all brands, costs included down to the SKU level along with consideration of their business plans reviewed in light of the analytics.  Client competes in a swift changing retail multi-channel marketplace that requires resilience, agility and creativity to prosper at a high level.

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