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About TranSolutions

Consultancy business was started in January of 1994, by founders and managing partners, Robert “Bob” Schaffer and Edward “Ed” Blickstein. 


Our independent Supply Chain consultancy performs a wide range of work from deep dive big data analytics, expert distribution and supply chain network re-design and optimizations, engineering for warehouse facility efficiency, assessments for labor performance improvement, inclusive of process improvements, software solutions that will provide significant impact, to transportation outsourcing solutions as well as 3rd party pricing and contracting. This is delivered by our outstanding consultant team members.


Team members and our partners are comprised of a talented group of diverse individuals who are strategic thinkers, real problem solvers and resourceful in their thinking. They are composed of logistics and distribution experts, engineers and modelers-analytical systems people with strong IT backgrounds.


Each team member has front line experience and has held important business leadership roles and leverage that together with significant industry-wide consulting experience totaling 25 years on average. They are able to quickly understand your specific business needs and lead projects of all sizes and disciplines.


We have successfully served many well-known large, medium, and privately owned and private equity funded smaller companies.

client industries

Key Business Sectors for our Consulting Services:


  • Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment Manufacturing

  • Apparel & Shoes – Boots - Sneakers

  • Chemicals & Plastics

  • Coffee Equipment

  • Consumer Bath & Kitchen Equipment

  • Commercial Plumbing Products

  • Electrical & Electronic Parts & Equipment

  • Household Consumer Supplies

  • Innovative Materials & Systems – Energy & Automotive

  • Minerals – Mining& Distribution

  • News Distribution – National US

  • Pigment Products, Printing Ink, Coatings & Composites

  • Specialized Cleaning Products – Consumer & Industrial

  • Water Supply Equipment – clean water and waste water


Robert "Bob" Schaffer

Robert Schaffer, MN US based, co-founder of TSC, has a diverse supply chain, logistics and finance career spanning 25+ years with consulting concentration on analytics and strategy in the face of market change.  He leads our consulting projects in all facets of the supply chain ranging from optimization focusing on supply chain & distribution network redesign … with the goal of helping our client’s achieve strategic advantage. 


Bob has been leading successful projects in eCommerce distribution, freight and warehouse improvements, outsourcing of distribution and transportation operations management, and inventory and warehouse optimization with overall focus on customer service, cost analysis including staffing and labor. He leads the effort to create scenario modeling and then to help client’s through go-forward deliberations and the creative of the final strategy. In this process he guides clients with in-source vs. outsource (3PL solutions) with his efforts bolstered by superior analytical skills & negotiation experience.  He also always considers the potential risks for disruption in the marketplace to the client’s business.

Overall Bob is very experienced in Project Management collaborating with clients to solve operational issues around efficiency including inventory management, warehouse improvements from processes to facility design and space utilization to automation. He has demonstrated excellent, skill in managing budgets and frequently over-delivering the desired value from each project.


Edward "Ed" Blickstein

Edward Blickstein, NJ US based, co-founder of TSC, has a diverse logistics-transportation-warehousing background as well as a marketing career spanning 30+ years with concentration on supply chain strategy.  He considers the constant change in the marketplace to be the biggest challenge, in effect defining what the future will likely be. This is of course paramount in strategic thinking. 


In this regard, he also guides projects with focus on customer service (speedy order to delivery cycle) while streamlining processes and working to maintain cost control. He provides strategic guidance for supply chain-distribution network improvements, eCommerce fulfillment optimization, transportation optimization (all modes, capacity, pricing, contract negotiation) and 3PL outsourcing of transportation and distribution that leads to a variable cost strategy.


He has significant experience in contract negotiations particularly with third party logistics and warehouse providers that significantly reduce risk.  When it comes to contracts often “you don’t know what you don’t know” but we know how to protect our clients. Overall, he is a seasoned consultant with line experience, often capable of helping develop new or modified business strategies.

From TSC …

Thank You Healthcare Workers: to the doctors, nurses, technicians, scientists and researchers and to the numerous other healthcare workers who perform miracles on a daily basis to fight the current pandemic.


Thank You to the Businesses, Social Services and Charities: for providing food, supplies and conducting solicitations for donations made to support the people working on the front lines as well as for the ill and their families. Thank you to those working in the food and healthcare supply sectors, including warehouse workers and truck drivers for helping those in greatest need within our communities.


Thank You all for following government safety guidelines to help prevent the spread of this terrible disease.

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