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Strategic Solutions

Assesment & strategy

Assessment & Strategy

  • Basic rule – any big improvement must include marketing and finance to enhance supply chain distribution value, for operating synergistically there is

    • New direction

    • Revenue opportunity impact

    • Cost impact

    • Capital asset impact

    • Risk to business continuity

  • Companies are made up of 4 key elements that affect supply chains

    • Infrastructure excellence and effective asset management

    • Product and service development leadership for its products

    • Systems - ERP upgrades, effective use of advanced systems products (i.e. Blockchain, cloud expert systems)

    • Enhanced Customer relationships – committed to customer ownership

  • Bottom line, high performance distribution networks are dependent on

    • Alignments on supply chain/distribution strategy between the company’s leadership in sync with the company's overall business strategy

    • How well and how fast the supply chain can respond to opportunities and to changing customer expectations

    • Execution of activities that affect customer satisfaction to a high level generating repeat sales orders, i.e. “returns” too

    • Achieving lowest total practical landed cost of products for competitive pricing balanced with required customer service levels

    • Managing risk, business continuity planning

How does your Supply Chain Perform?

Our Approach: in general assess your current state to understand where competitive advantage lies, your issues, what your service levels are or need to be and identify what your costs are.

Next, we perform deep data analytics which will enable strategic examination and result in finding new ways to grow and add profits, to have that be supported by superior customer service from distribution needed to help build a customer following and overall to be more competitive in US and global markets.  Thus, modeling results from this approach can be significant and help formulate an action plan for an entire year or longer.



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