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Strategic Solutions

Collaboration for New Strategy Development

  • Supply chain opportunity can be a significant percentage of EVA when measuring supply chain value, there is

    • Revenue impact

    • Cost impact

    • Capital asset impact

    • Risk to business continuity

  • Supply chains are used as a revenue generation tool

    • Synchronization between operations

    • Customization e.g. postponement and final assembly or accessorize

    • Improving cash to cash cycle

    • Enabling consolidations, unbundling operations, outsourcing

  • Companies are made up of 4 key elements that affect supply chains

    • Infrastructure and asset management

    • Product and service development

    • Commercialization

    • Customer relationships

  • Bottom line, high performance supply chains are dependent on

    • Alignment between supply chain strategy and operations and the company's overall business strategy

    • How well and how fast the supply chain can respond to opportunities and to changing customer requirements

    • Achieving lowest total practical landed cost of products to customer

    • Managing risk, supply chain business continuity planning

How does your Supply Chain Perform?

Our Approach: assess your current state to understand where competitive advantage lies, what your service levels are or need to be and what your supply chain costs are … initially at a high level.

Strategic examination will result in finding ways to be more competitive in global markets.  Results from this approach can be significant and help formulate an action plan for an entire year.

At TSC, we deal with the entire supply chain: procurement, production, inventory management, and distribution, all transportation paths, and systems and work collaboratively with clients.



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