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Strategic Solutions

Developing a New Strategic Vision

Add greater value to your Supply Chain & Distribution Network by taking a fresh and objective look at what predictive analytics uncovers in the way of opportunities.  TSC can help you get there. 

There is:

  • New revenue generation identifying new markets, new customers, expanded growth with existing customers

  • Operations opportunities – inventory improvements, fulfillment improvements

  • Assessment of supply chain distribution costs with advanced modeling of comparative scenarios

  • Analytics for required capital (Capex) for systems, facilities and equipment; ROI calculations

  • Business risk due to natural and human-made disasters

Bottom line, high performance supply chains are dependent on:

  • Alignment between supply chain/distribution strategy, marketing, operations and finance all in sync with the company's approved overall business strategy

  • Success you have in meeting current and  future demand and if you are able to quickly respond to opportunities and changing customer requirements


After the above analytics has been completed, companies often realize they have a lot to improve upon and it is accepted that competing will be a constant challenge not to mention what the future has in store.


You may find that you need advice, you have questions and know there are factors to be fully understood and considered before developing your e-commerce, omnichannel fulfillment and B2B strategy.

Questions such as:

  • Are our distribution warehouses in the right place to meet customer service expectations, and our own forecasts …  are facilities right sized, do we need to expand our fulfillment network to gain revenue growth ... to improve delivery speed? 

  • Consideration of automation and determination of the type automation and ROI.

  • Considering multi-year forecasts how do we plan for the expected outcome?  How can we logically determine where is our growth is going to come from each of the next 3-5 years?

  • How do we optimize our network while minimizing risk, cost, and customer service … time-to-market?

  • How fast should we build our new network?  Can we leverage any existing facilities?

  • Should we assess “buy vs. lease” real estate solution; outsource to 3PLs … some or all facilities or locations?

How can we help you improve or re-design your network to make it a performance weapon?

Our Approach: we begin by assessing your current state to understand "today", establish a baseline and identify where competitive advantage lies, what your service levels are and/or need to be and what your supply chain/distribution costs are at the SKU level.

Our collaborative and strategic examination includes predictive analytical modeling that will result in finding ways to grow revenue and profits in existing and new markets and to compete better with improved customer service.  Results from this approach can be significant and help formulate an action plan for an entire year plus.

At TSC, we get to understand your entire supply chain & distribution: procurement, production, returns, inventory management, systems and warehouses or outsourced facilities and freight-transportation spend and will work collaboratively with your team to improve upon your overall strategy.


Strategic Vision

Assessment & Strategy

  • Basic rule – any big improvement(s) must include marketing and finance to enhance collaboration and ultimately supply chain distribution value, for operating synergistically there is:

    • New direction

    • Revenue growth opportunity impact

    • Cost impact

    • Capital asset impact

    • Risk to business continuity

  • Companies are made up of 4 key elements that affect supply chains

    • Infrastructure excellence and effective asset management

    • Product and service development leadership for its products

    • Systems - ERP upgrades, effective use of advanced systems products (i.e. Blockchain, cloud expert systems)

    • Enhanced customer relationships – committed to customer ownership

  • Bottom line, high performance distribution networks are dependent on

    • Alignments on supply chain/distribution strategy between the company’s leadership in sync with the company's overall business strategy

    • How well and how fast the supply chain can respond to opportunities and to changing customer expectations

    • Execution of activities that lead to customer satisfaction at a high level, from repeat sales orders to easy returns

    • Achieving lowest total practical landed cost of products for competitive pricing balanced with required customer service levels

    • Managing risk, business continuity planning (BCP)

analytics which will enable strategic examination, the running of unlimited scenarios that will result in identifying new markets or which justify expanded marketing,  where  to grow and add profits and to have that be supported by superior customer service  from your distribution network.  Thus, modeling results from this approach can be significant and help formulate an action plan for an entire year or longer.




How does your Supply Chain Perform?

As we have said: in general we assess your current state to understand where competitive advantage lies, your issues, what your service levels are or need to be and identify what your costs are.  Then we perform deep data

Solutions at a glance

Solutions At-A-Glance

Talk About Your Business Objectives & Issues

Where do you Fit? B2B, Omni-channel, E-Commerce

Discuss at high level - Options To Move Forward Strategically

Begin Analytics, Review Baseline Data, What It Reveals, Discuss Potential

Opportunities, Map

Next Steps, Scenario Building

Complete Big Data Analytics, 

Review scenarios with Client, Fine Tune & Report Results, Automation Options, Benefits, Inventory impact, ROI, Plan Next Steps, Create project plan, Budget

Establish Warehouse/Fulfillment Center Action Plan,

Define Engineering Efforts, Focus on Order Accuracy, Completeness; Process Speed

Project Management Systems Selection,  Process from  Order to Delivery, Cloud Solutions, TMS, WM, Inventory Management, Supplier & Customer Visibility

Optimization of Supply Chain Network, End to end Modeling, Various Scenario options, Includes all Supply Chain Costs,

Show Future Cost Impact

Optimization of
E-Commerce Distribution Network, Future State Modeling For Changing Marketplace, Predicts Future Costs & Gross Profits, Best Growth Markets

Imports - Exports, Trade Compliance & Controls,
Transportation - All Modes, Domestic & International, 
Expert Advice - Techniques for Daily Management,
3PL Outsourcing

Project Management

How TSC Does Project Management

Our Responsibilities

  • Planning - goal setting, define project, organize team

  • Scheduling - people, spend, specific activities

  • Controlling - monitoring resources, costs, quality, budgets

  • Handles change - revises plans, shifts resources

  • Meets time commitments and cost demands

  • Communications – effective with team & senior management

project management2.jpg
project management diagram.png


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