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Improvements & Engineering


Improvements & Engineering

Project Approach: used by our Sr. Consultants and partners focuses on facility optimization, implementation of a redesigned engineered solution or project management of a new warehouse facility.  The most recent and proven technology and automation is considered.

However, before considering the Value of Upgrading existing facilities or moving to a new buildings these basic assessments would be made:


  • Space utilization - storage, shipping all activities including suitable aisles for movement.

  • Feasibility of using higher bays, take advantage of height allowances.

  • Overall design optimization i.e. layout and configuration for all warehouse operations including Value-Add, design for efficient circulation, storage, order picking, shipping, material handling and use of mechanization and automation.

  • Relate receiving and shipping operations to the process flow of goods through the warehouse.

  • Assess separation of receiving and shipping, best separated to avoid congestion at the loading dock areas.

  • Facility labor effectiveness and efficiency … performance, need for labor management software.

  • Building to be designed with security and fire protection capacity to safeguard materials, equipment, and additional content and protect workers.

  • Systems would be assessed to support order fulfillment, inventory management, warehouse operations, distribution and ERP integration.

  • Effectiveness, efficiency of existing manual-mechanized-automated warehouse activities’. 

  • Last but very important is consideration of alternative material handling methods, installation of modern tools for accuracy and labor savings and speed … automation.

Equipment Automation Project Management

  • Design facility to cover current and future needs, size warehouse space and yard requirements, Interior equipment and offices, configure changes through effective site design to accommodate all requirements.

  • Automated putaway, selection or picking with consideration of Voice Pick, Pick to Light, Wearables, Robots, Goods to Person and other. 

  • Consideration of replenishment, sortation and palletizing automation.

  • Consideration of modern conveyors palletizing, stretch wrapping and packaging for mechanical or automated improvements. 

  • Automated storage solutions.

  • Automated retrieval systems.

  • Automated robotic picking systems.

  • Goods to Person (GTP).

  • Automated Software integration


equipment automation
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